Alexey Vasilyev (alexvas) wrote,
Alexey Vasilyev

Canning Stock Route на велосипеде

Один из самых сложнейших маршрутов на Земле Canning Stock Route (Австралия) преодолен на велосипеде поляком. 2000 км, 3 пустыни, в одиночку, за 33 дня, потеряв 18 кг веса.

Фотки кликабельны

"22nd September. 3 p.m (9 a.m where you are). I intended not to call but the thing which is happening here is just ubelievable. I'm in the middle of a huge storm. It's just fantastic! Enormous Disdppointm lake looks as if it was covered with snow. It's all white. In about 2 km distance from me a wall of water is pouring from the sky but it seems it will miss me and I won't get soaked. Storm clouds are seething around me. Different world! Riding is perfect. I've covered 60 kms today and still have about 2 hours left. I'm passing by many small, salty lakes. God, the world is so beautiful! I only hope the photos will reflect it. Counting on your support,Best regards."
Tags: вело

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